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We are moving to workplace at every day, it is the most basic need for everyone from job person to business man. Sometime we want to ensure everything is fine at home, for this we can use CCTV camera on home/flat/building and take advantage of live footage/video by using our smart mobile phone via internet. This is very popular and in a common man budget now days.

Before going for CCTV Installation, I will share some fact which can help you in choosing CCTV product for your requirement-

Check list of CCTV Installation 

  • Brand: – Brand is very important factor on CCTV installation, if you are less familiar to CCTV product then go for brand which have good presence in market and provide you good quality of product with warranty.
  • Quality of CCTV Camera: – Quality of CCTV means match your requirement with product, basically you should go with HD CCTV camera which come various variant – like 1 MP, 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 2.4 MP and many more. As you go up with mega pixel better zooming you will get in distance.
  • Type of Camera: – Usually two type of camera is in the market – Dome (for in-house use), Bullet(for out-house use)
  • Range of camera in night mode: – You must ensure and measure your viewing requirement in meter for each and every CCTV camera in night mode, so that it can cover that range and record it in your DVR unit. Basically CCTV camera will come in 20 m, 40 m , 80 m  and many more.
  • Choosing DVR: – DVR is unit where all CCTV camera connected and recorded all CCTV camera in internal surveillance HDD, so before going for DVR we must understand current and future requirement of number of CCTV camera as DVR has come oly with fixed number of video and audio support called channels. There are DVR in market of 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel and 32 channel with various audio channels (in basic audio channel is only one)
  • Recording of Camera: – Recording feature is available at DVR unit by using surveillance hard disk, we should choose HDD according to DVR size and number of days of recording required, most DVR will delete previous recording when disk is full minute by minute. Standard requirement is basically of 15 days to 25 days is enough in non commercial use. (So for example – 4 channel DVR – 1 TB Surveillance HDD,  8 channel DVR – 2 TB Surveillance HDD, 16 channel DVR – 4 TB Surveillance HDD, 32 channel DVR – more than 4 TB to 8 TB Surveillance HDD).
  • Proper Installation from experienced service provider: – As a end user, you must go with experienced service provider for CCTV installation for proper installation and proper after sale service on-site.
  • Internet connection for viewing CCTV Camera on mobile phone: If you want to access and monitor your premises from mobile device, you must have internet connection (3G, 4G or Broadband) on DVR at premises and on your mobile device (Smart Phone).

Here we can help you to secure your home/flat/offices and also give you best after sale service on PAN India.

What we offer you 

As we have more than 3 year experience in CCTV Installation in various premises in PAN India. You can use our tool to get design your CCTV requirement according to your need with quotation. On going with installation from us we can offer you 10% discount on whole CCTV project submitted by you.

CCTV Installation Guide 

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